National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority


In 1971, National Apprentice Board (NAB) was established to co-ordinate and regulate enterprise based apprenticeships.

With the assistance of the United Nations Development Programe and International Labor Organization, NAB acquired and developed the following competencies related to apprenticeship training.

  • Training Monitoring & Progress Instruction
  • Distance Education
  • Preparation and delivery of related instruction
  • Trade Testing and Certification
  • Curriculum Development

In 1981 NAB established the Apprenticeship Training Institute with the assistance of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In 1984 Technical Training Institute was established with the assistance of UNDP & ILO.

In 1989 Automobile Engineering Training Institute was established with the assistance of JAPAN.

In 1990 the National Apprentice & Industrial Training Authority was established with a wider mandate as the successor to NAB, under the TVE Act. No. 20 of 1990.

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