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National Trade Testing

What is National Trade Testing?

National Trade Testing is a National level effort aimed at testing, standardizing and certifying the skills possessed by craftsmen practicing various trades. Specially for the benefit of skilled craftsmen who have gained their skills through informal means.

History and present situation

The National Trade Testing program was initiated in this country way back in 1984. At the beginning this program was confined to a few trades coming under the Construction Industry, as funding for this program was provided by the Institute for Construction Training and Development (ICTAD), from World Bank funds and was implemented through the National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority has the legal mandate to do this work.

According to NAITA’s records nearly 50,000 candidates have been tested so far and over 38,000 have been successful who have been issued with National Trade Certificates. Of the applicants who have been tested, over 80% represent workers from the construction industry sector. Also NAITA’s statistics indicate that, over the years there has been a considerable increase in the numbers tested and certified, who are outside the construction industry sector. NAITA maintains rigourous standards, in these tests in order to meet internationally accepted standards. This will ultimately result in higher productivity and quality standards.

During the first few years after the commencement of the National Trade Testing Program, it was confined, only to the trades falling under the construction industry, but over the years National Skills Standards and National Trade Tests have been developed for many of the other trades in demand in other Industrial Sectors as well. To date National Trade Tests have been developed for about fifty-three trades.

National Trade Testing is a national level effort aimed at testing, standardizing and certifying the skills possessed by craftsmen practicing various trades.

Anyone, who has had experience in the chosen trade for at least one year, can apply to sit the trade test.

At present National Trade Tests are conducted at four different levels.

Grade 111Semi – skilled
Grade 11Skilled
Grade 1Highly skilled
CoCCertificate of Competencyd This is a single tier certification, for skills, which are specific in scope.
Eg. Tiler, Heavy Equipment Operator.

Who can sit for a National Trade Test?

Anyone who has had experience in the chosen trade/field can apply to sit the National Trade Test.

  • No formal Training required
  • No paper qualifications needed
  • No age limit

Benefits of National Trade Test

To EmployeesTo Employers
Effective use of Resources.Improved chances of promotionsThose who had not had the opportunity of following a formal
training programme, but had acquired the skills necessary to practicea trade throughe themselves by sitting for a National Trade Test
and receiving a National Trade Certificate.
Effective use of Resources.Improved productivity.Effective cost control.Transfer of skills with minimum disturbance.Faster output.Improved quality of finished products.Increased profitability.Effective use of Resources.Reduction of time loss due to accidents because certificated workers are safety concerned.

NAITA’s other services with related to National Trade Tests

  • Educating Industry workmen on importance of Skills Certification.
  • Conduct of Bridging Courses for skills upgrading.
  • Conduct of promotion tests for Employees.
  • Conduct of NTT on priority basis.

Testing Areas

Electrical WiremanCarpentryMasonryPlumberMasonry (Block Mason)Steel Fixing and Bar BendingVehicle Plant MechanicCrawler Dozer OperatorMotor Grader OperatorMotor Scraper OperatorHydraulic Type Crane OperatorWheel Loader OperatorHydraulic Excavator OperatorCrawler Type Crane OperatorAutomotive MechanicFilter (General)Machinist (General)WelderElectrician (Power)Ref, & Air Con MechanicPrecast Concrete LayerRoofer (Wooden)RoadmanStenographer (English)Construction SupervisorCabinet MakerPlastererPantry Cupboard MakerT.V. Radio & Electronic Equipment Repairer.Automobile Electrician
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IT Field Trades

  • Sri Lanka Computer Competency License (SLCCL)
  • Computer Graphic Design
  • Computer Hardware Technician

Sri Lanka Computer Competency License (SLCCL)

The Sri Lanka Computer Competency License is a Certificate on computer skills issued by the National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority under its National Trade Testing Programme. There are no entry requirements and any person who has acquired the necessary skill may apply to sit for the test for the issue of the License.

How to Apply:

Fill up an application form (Obtainable from NAITA Head office, NAITA District offices or download from the Web) and send it together with the copy of the cash paying in Slip obtained by any People’s Bank Branch by making a payment of Rs. 1000/= as Examination fee.

The examination fee has to be credited to the credit of “National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority” Peoples Bank, Nugegoda, Collection Account No. 174100170347379.

The duly perfected application form together with the receipt should be sent to the following address under registered cover.

Assistant Director (Evaluation)
National Trade Testing Division
NAITA, No.971, Sri Jayawardenapura Mawatha,
Welikada, Rajagiriya.

Tel No:+94 11 2863680, +94 11 2888786
Fax No:+94 11 2863737

Download Application Form (SLCCL)

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